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October 2007 Newsletter

The Diaper Tour

Taq Nap my friends,
Hope you and your loved ones are all well!

Within this newsletter you'll find:
1. News of the birth of our new daughter!!!
2. The Diaper Tour
3. Performing in Winnipeg and being televised on Aboriginal People's Choice Awards throughout CANADA.
4. Winning two Indian Summer Music Awards and being nominated for NAMMYS


Beautiful news! Little Rain came into this world on September 10th. She is a healthy and beautiful little girl with cool hair and dimples. Her mom is healthy too! Now we have 3 boys and two girls. After having a great time performing at the Salmon Bake in Oregon, I had taken off the rest of September from playing so I could be with her and mom for her birth (due date was Oct 2). I flew in from Oregon and arrived home at 12:30 am. I laid down on the bed very close to my wife stomach and said, "OK little girl, daddy's home now. You can come out whenever you want. We can't wait to see and play with you!" Then I fell asleep to be awoken at 3:30am after Paula's water broke. Rain came out at 3:15pm on that rainy beautiful day.


So now we have 5 beautiful kids, ages 7 years to 4 weeks and it's time to buy diapers, feed our little tribe, and pay the bills. A lot of people have asked me when I'm performing in their area and I usually say I don't know because I get usually get hired away from many of my friends. I would like to change that. There are these things called house concerts that come out of the folk tradition. It's where someone organizes a concert, usually in their home, solo and acoustic, and the artist gets paid by everyone who attends. It is a very intimate and casual setting where everyone feels a part of the performance. The performer gets to keep making his or her living performing and the audience gets a private concert with their friend or soon to be friend. I have done this before with concerts arranged from a private home all the way to city hall with the whole community invited from the mayor to the elders and kids. There are a few formalities with house concerts such as they must be in a safe, smoke free environment and it's more of a concert than a party atmosphere. Also, the artist must be promised a certain amount of money that will make it worthwhile to travel away from home (and leave his 5 children and wife with a promise to return with a paycheck). If you are interested in organizing one of these, please send me an e-mail. I love to share the music with my friends, and many times the big concerts take a person away from that. So let's organize the Diaper Tour!

3. CANADA concerts & TV

I have been invited with my group to perform at the Aboriginal People's Choice Awards in Winnipeg, Canada ( Nov. 2nd) and to perform at their Manito Ahbee Music Festival (Nov. 1st & 3rd). The awards performance will be broadcast nationally throughout Canada on APTV (Aboriginal People's Television).
My "Commodity Cheese Blues" music video is nominated for an award. Not many people in Canada are familiar with me so I'm definitely not expecting an award but I'm proud of the video because it shows my good friends on the Menominee rez and myself just acting normal and portraying life as it is up there in search of a brick of cheese. If you would like to vote for the video, just go to Voting ends Oct. 15th

4. ISMA & NAMMY Awards/Nominations

During the same time that I was performing in Oregon for the Coquille nation's annual Salmon Bake, I won a couple of ISMA's (Indian Summer Music Awards) in Milwaukee. My bro's Richie Plass, Waubano, and my wife Paula were there to accept for me. Paula was on the verge of having Rain so after walking up slowly with her pregnant belly, she said in the mic, "If this keeps happening I'm going to have the baby right here." Richie said, "I remember when Wade first started playing with us on the rez, he was a very shy kid who just played guitar. Look at him now with 5 kids! He ain't shy no more." It's great being roasted by my friends. Humor brings us home.
I was nominated for Artist of the Year and Best Rock recording from the NAMMYs. I didn't win either of the awards and my wife, kids and I wanted to go to the awards but couldn't afford it. Something else happened to make the trip impossible as well. On Friday, Little Wade fractured the fingertips of 2 fingers on his right hand by attempting to lift a manhole cover during school recess. We spent Friday night at the emergency room but he will be OK. He has to lay off his guitar for a little while though and it puts a damper on his plans to go to China (beyond the manhole cover). So anyway, we went up to the rez and had a great weekend with the family.
Congratulations to all the NAMMY winners and nominees this year!


In closing I would just like to say waewaenen kitaenen for being yourselves and sharing some of that with me and my family!

Yours in a good way,
Wade Fernandez

October 2007